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So, since I know I will never get around to finishing the OOMs for what's gone on with Clive while he's been away, I give you my notes and summaries month by month, and any other bits and pieces I actually have written up:

August: Getting used to NY, getting used to living with Gypsy, worrying over scholarships
Int - Gypsy's room - day
Clive is doing repairwork on one of Gypsy's skirts, adding new trim. Gypsy is tuning her guitar and working on the song Clive wrote about their adventure
Gypsy: Clive, you seriously need to get a hobby, worrying constantly about your scholarships doesn't count.
Clive: What about my day trips?
Gypsy: Honey, you walk up to the park to people watch and get more ideas for costumes.
Clive: And?
Gypsy [sighs]: Clive, honey, if you have more ideas and no outlet, you'll just worry more. You need an outlet, I'm going to take you down to Mother, introduce you to the girls, might give you something to do.

September: Accepted to the program, much rejoicing
Int - Mother dressing/green room
sfx background music, Stevie Nicks of course
Girls in various states of dress, Clive making adjustments here and there, finally stopping on a petite curvy redhead
Clive: Something wrong with the corset Boots?
Bootsie [cupping her breasts, both to hold the corset up and to indicate them]: Only that the girls insist on leaning on the laces like cows on a fence until the whole works pops.
Clive [smiling]: G used to have that same problem. Hold still, I'll go get the magic fix. Nylon parachute cord.
Camera pan to Gypsy and Empress ChiChi
ChiChi: Now, I'm not saying Clive hasn't been a help, but really Gypsy, why is he here?
Gypsy: Well, if he just sits home by himself all day he obsesses over his application.
ChiChi: Oh? Where's he trying to go?
Gypsy: There's this program he's trying to get into, majorly intensive, six months long and he sent off some designs and an application for a scholarship, even though they only give out like, three a year, which is like, one per program, if even that, and listen to me, I'm freaking out about it
ChiChi [laughs]:This program, it isn't through Vance and Marks is it?
Gypsy: That's the one! How do you know about it?
ChiChi: Well, it just so happens that miss Hellena Vance and I are old friends. You want me to see if I can put in a good word for the kid?
Gypsy: Could you? I mean, don't feel like you have to, but if you could at least I can stop worrying about him a little

Int - dressing room - after closing
Slow pan of the dressing room, overhead lights off, mirror lights on, empty except for Bootsie running back in for her purse.
Clive - VO: I guess if the scholarship thing falls through, I can talk to Empress ChiChi about taking over warderobe for the club. Lord knows they need one, most of the time everyone takes costumes home when they need repairing, and if I worked here I could still stay in New York, stay with Gypsy. That way I'd at least feel useful, and not like I was sitting around taking up space.
Still no luck getting back to the Bar. I'm about ready to declare it all a drunken hallucination and pretend it never happened. Which leaves me with a couple hours of unexplained film, but I can box it up somewhere and forget about it, cant I?

October: Staying with Gypsy instead of in dorms, meets Ghost-like classmate, whee!fling.
[Clive VO slow pan of classroom, bolts of cloth, spools of edging, bins of buttons and snaps and sequins, sewing machines and individual screens set up for viewing videos. A mini-catwalk/podium quartering the room, dressmaker's dummies and dress-forms.]
This is where the magic happens, so far we've covered a bunch of stuff I've known for years, hems, buttonholes, that kind of thing, the basics. Totally easier to do with real tools though
It really is an intensive course, and the final is only one third of our grade, attendance is another third, and tests are the last. Anyone who finishes with at least two thirds grade gets a two-year contract with the company. THey figure breaking down the thirds like that makes it fair on everyone.
[zoom in on workstation]
This is a workstation, we've each got one, sewing machine and serger, vidwo screen, shared space in between, catwalk down the middle of the room, shelves on the walls, uh...
[sudden zoom on arriving classmate, whiteblonde hair, bleach-spattered jeans, pale patterened buttondown open over vintage-chic tee]
Clive thumbed off the camera, looking thunderstruck
"Uh, Hi, I'm Arthur, Artie, Arlo, whatever really." Arthur-Artie-Arlo-Whatever blinked, waggling his fingers in front of Clive's face, "You alright?"
Clive blinked then, shaking his head, "Er, I mean, yeah, I am, you just reminded me of someone is all. I'm clive, Clive Webb. I haven't seen you around before, you lost?"
The blonde smiled, shaking his hea,d "I hope not, just a bit late is all, as in Germany finishing up an exchange program."
"So... you missed the first week of this program, because you were out of the country for another program?"
"Yeah, is that against the rules?"
Clive shook his head, "No, but attendance is like, a third of our final grade."
Arthur grinned brightly, "Good think I'm an excellent test-taker and an ace with a serger then, yeah?"

November: Fling becomes serious, decides on whimsical Milli-inspired fantasy-type theme for final costume project

December: Projectmates assigned

January: work work work

February: Clive dumped abruptly. Scraps M-ways inspired theme to go for what he does best. Goth
"I can't do this anymore Robbie. I guess maybe my mom's right, that all I need is the right girl to settle down with. It's not you, you're great, and you'll find someone, I know you will. I wanted to thank you, too, for being my experiment and I dunno, letting me be yours I guess."
That was it, the extent of Arthur's 'it's not you it's me' speech. It all comes down to the same thing though. I've been dumped. Gypsy said she could come by after class one day and egg him if I wanted her to. I declined, because I know she'd actually do it.

March: Passes final with flying colors, much rejoicing, gets signed on with company, more rejoicing, still dumped, ooh bummer.
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( Long time no see! Not that Clive hasn't been scarce as well, he only pops in once in a while, but yes. I agree, twas fun. )


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