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So, since I know I will never get around to finishing the OOMs for what's gone on with Clive while he's been away, I give you my notes and summaries month by month, and any other bits and pieces I actually have written up:

August: Getting used to NY, getting used to living with Gypsy, worrying over scholarships
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September: Accepted to the program, much rejoicing
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October: Staying with Gypsy instead of in dorms, meets Ghost-like classmate, whee!fling.
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November: Fling becomes serious, decides on whimsical Milli-inspired fantasy-type theme for final costume project

December: Projectmates assigned

January: work work work

February: Clive dumped abruptly. Scraps M-ways inspired theme to go for what he does best. Goth
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March: Passes final with flying colors, much rejoicing, gets signed on with company, more rejoicing, still dumped, ooh bummer.
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Int. – day – Gypsy’s apartment.
Costume pieces scattered here and there, shelves and other furniture moved to make a boxed-in space for Clive. A few packing boxes already there, not unpacked yet.

Enter Clive & Gypsy, carrying boxes in from the car
Moved a few things around to give you your own space, just in case y’know?

You didn’t have to do anything like that G, don’t want to intrude or take over or anything.

GYPSY [setting box down and stretching]
You live here Clive. You’re not just coming for a visit. That means you’re allowed to take up as much space as you want… Just as long as you’re not bringing boys home at all hours and keeping me awake.

CLIVE [laughing]
Sure G. Because I'm going to have to keep them off with a stick. Right. I don’t even know if I'm going to make it in.

GYPSY [starting to unpack]
You’ll get the scholarship Clive, I know it, and hell, if not this one then the next. I saw the sketches, they’re good costumes and you’re good at clothes anyway, it’s like, your calling.

Thanks G.

Int. – evening – slow pan of Gypsy’s apartment, Clive’s things mostly unpacked, a few unfinished projects still in a box, sewing machine covered by a shawl

Clive – VO
So here I am. New York City, a month earlier than I thought I was going to be here. Still no word on whether or not I got into the school. Well, the program, the school I want has three different programs, and I applied for the one that seemed most likely to work.
There’s still time of course, I mean, it’s only just July, and the program doesn’t start until the end of September, but still, you’d think I’d have heard by now.
So far things are going well, it’s been a week and Gypsy hasn’t threatened to kick me out yet. The Trans still runs, and no one’s tried to steal it or anything. The campus has a garage, and according to the student testimonials on the website it’s safe enough, as long as you don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Just like anywhere I guess.
I did finally watch the footage from the Bar. Some of it was a bit fuzzy, not quite focused, but it was all there. All of it.
Now I'm just trying to remember what everyone said about how to get there so I can go back for an hour or two, let everyone know that I'm alright.
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Int – kitchen table – day

What do you think happened to him? I mean, has he told you anything he hasn’t told me?

I don’t think he’s told me anything more than you know, but he hasn’t said a lot about his trip back. Either he doesn’t remember, or he doesn’t think we’ll understand.

Do you think he… I mean… he wouldn’t have done anything…

Dangerous? You know him as well as I do, do you think he’d do anything stupid?

LOIS [drumming fingers on coffee mug]
Well, I suppose not… no, no he wouldn’t.

Slow pan of Clive’s room, somewhat more organized than before, some things packed away in boxes, others being shelved, sewing projects from before have been finished, making room for others

Clive VO
It’s been a month now, I still haven’t looked at the footage from the bar, still don’t want to know. Except that at the same time, I do. I know I’ll have to watch it sometime, can’t hide it from myself forever.
It’s just that I don’t want it to all have been some drug-induced dream, and at the same time I don’t want it to be real either, because that means I'm more lost than I thought I was.
Been applying for scholarships left and right. Lois is happy for me, says ‘if that’s what you want, go for it, we’re behind you.’ She’s not so sure about me moving in with Gypsy, but thinks that at least I’ll be with someone I know, someone I can trust, and won’t have to live in the dorms, where she’s positive all sorts of drunken debauchery takes place. I didn’t know before how many fashion schools there are in New York City, most of them really close to Gypsy’s apartment as it is, so I'm applying to those first.
No rejection letters yet, but no acceptance letters either. Guess I’ll keep trying.
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Int. - ICU coma ward - day
SFX: machines beeping, cart rolling past in the hall, birdsong outside, people talking quietly, TV on at a low volume.

Try singing again? The doctor said his brain activity jumped last time.

One more time couldn’t hurt I guess. [sings ‘I sing for you’]

Scene gradually lightens, as of someone slowly waking


GYPSY [overlapping Lois]
LOIS [overlapping Gypsy]
You’re awake!
How do you feel?
Can you talk? Do you need some water?
GYPSY [laughing]
Can’t tell us how you are if we don’t let you get a word in edgewise can you?

Int. – Clive’s basement room – night, lit by lamps and Christmas lights strung around the ceiling

Slow pan of the room, CDs, half-finished sewing projects, notebooks, fairly typical teenage jumble of objects

Lois tells me that I didn’t snap awake like people in the movies do, I just opened my eyes and asked what day it was.
It’s only been a week since the crash, Gypsy says she’s paying to have the Trans re-fitted as a convertible, since it was only the roof and the one door that got mangled. Everyone says I'm lucky to be alive even, and moreso with minimal injuries, even the concussion will be alright now that I'm awake.
I still can’t get over the fact that it’s only been a week.
Even so, Gypsy’s already got a steady job at Mother, she’s found an apartment and she’s just waiting for her bank account to transfer over so she can pay the deposit and everything,
I haven’t watched any of my footage yet, kind of afraid to really, in case it’s all blank or something.
Everything’s still in the notebook though, all the measurements and contact information and lyrics. Gypsy likes the lyrics and says the guitar tabs are genius. I don’t think she believes that it wasn’t me, but she’s not going to say so.
I guess, maybe what I'm really afraid of is that the tape’s NOT blank, because all the writing and everything could always be the effects of too much alcohol, or drugs, or something. But the camera never lies.
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It was a nice enough day to have the fashion show out by the lake, runway set up, chairs, table with snacks, a curtained-off backstage area and everything.
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Clive nudged the door open, "I'd say 'pardon the mess' but really there isn't one. S'what happens when I haven't got much to my name."

It was true, the room was small and surprisingly uncluttered, there was a stack of CDs on the bedside table, a few notebooks under it, out of the way, and a cardboard box overflowing with fabric scraps over by the treadle sewing machine he'd borrowed from Bar, other than that though it looked more or less like a normal economy-class hotel room.
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The hospital room was starkly white, as most hospital rooms are, the boy in the bed seemed dwarfed by it, even as pale as he was, dark shock of hair almost obscene against the pillow, the machines around him, plugged into him were all beeping quietly, steadily.

Lois, the only one who'd stayed through the night after the accident, was still at her brother's side, petting his hair back from his forehead occasionally, if it weren't for the fact that his brain activity kept spiking, it was likely that she would have let him go.

Everyone knew it was a miracle that he hadn't broken his neck or his back, just a few small lascerations, bruised ribs, a scattering of small fractures down his left arm. The concussion though was the worst of it, the doctor had told them what kind it was, and then when asked for an explanation and calmly told them that basically, his brain had banged against the front of his skull, and then rebounded to bounce off the back of it.

Lois sighed once more, holding her brother's cool fingers between both hands, "Don't know where you are Clive, Robbie... Clive. But wherever it is, come home?
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Well then suddenly...
there was no one...left standing
In the hall...yeah, yeah...
In a flood of tears
That no one really ever heard fall at all
Oh I went searchin' for an answer...
Up the stairs...and down the hall
Not to find an answer...
just to hear the call
Of a nightbird...singing...
come away...come away...

Clive smiled to himself, crookedly as he sang along, it had been a long drive, and slow without Gypsy there to talk to the whole way, but he knew she’d be alright, she was going to be a big star, and he’d drive back to New York when her album was released, just so he could be there, so he could tell his grandkids about it when he was old and gray.

He laughed at that idea, shaking his head and flicking his bangs from his eyes, singing along with the chorus as he came around the corner, “Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song ...
Sounds like she's singing...

The final ‘whoo’ was cut off by a squeal of tires, a crash, he heard the impact more than he felt it, thrown hard against the door, it took him a moment to realize that the car had rolled, was still rolling, broken glass and sparks showered down on him, he felt a crunch and a tug
And then he blinked, because there was a door, in the ground, through the crushed roof of the Trans, so he stepped through...


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