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Int. – day – Gypsy’s apartment.
Costume pieces scattered here and there, shelves and other furniture moved to make a boxed-in space for Clive. A few packing boxes already there, not unpacked yet.

Enter Clive & Gypsy, carrying boxes in from the car
Moved a few things around to give you your own space, just in case y’know?

You didn’t have to do anything like that G, don’t want to intrude or take over or anything.

GYPSY [setting box down and stretching]
You live here Clive. You’re not just coming for a visit. That means you’re allowed to take up as much space as you want… Just as long as you’re not bringing boys home at all hours and keeping me awake.

CLIVE [laughing]
Sure G. Because I'm going to have to keep them off with a stick. Right. I don’t even know if I'm going to make it in.

GYPSY [starting to unpack]
You’ll get the scholarship Clive, I know it, and hell, if not this one then the next. I saw the sketches, they’re good costumes and you’re good at clothes anyway, it’s like, your calling.

Thanks G.

Int. – evening – slow pan of Gypsy’s apartment, Clive’s things mostly unpacked, a few unfinished projects still in a box, sewing machine covered by a shawl

Clive – VO
So here I am. New York City, a month earlier than I thought I was going to be here. Still no word on whether or not I got into the school. Well, the program, the school I want has three different programs, and I applied for the one that seemed most likely to work.
There’s still time of course, I mean, it’s only just July, and the program doesn’t start until the end of September, but still, you’d think I’d have heard by now.
So far things are going well, it’s been a week and Gypsy hasn’t threatened to kick me out yet. The Trans still runs, and no one’s tried to steal it or anything. The campus has a garage, and according to the student testimonials on the website it’s safe enough, as long as you don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Just like anywhere I guess.
I did finally watch the footage from the Bar. Some of it was a bit fuzzy, not quite focused, but it was all there. All of it.
Now I'm just trying to remember what everyone said about how to get there so I can go back for an hour or two, let everyone know that I'm alright.


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