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The hospital room was starkly white, as most hospital rooms are, the boy in the bed seemed dwarfed by it, even as pale as he was, dark shock of hair almost obscene against the pillow, the machines around him, plugged into him were all beeping quietly, steadily.

Lois, the only one who'd stayed through the night after the accident, was still at her brother's side, petting his hair back from his forehead occasionally, if it weren't for the fact that his brain activity kept spiking, it was likely that she would have let him go.

Everyone knew it was a miracle that he hadn't broken his neck or his back, just a few small lascerations, bruised ribs, a scattering of small fractures down his left arm. The concussion though was the worst of it, the doctor had told them what kind it was, and then when asked for an explanation and calmly told them that basically, his brain had banged against the front of his skull, and then rebounded to bounce off the back of it.

Lois sighed once more, holding her brother's cool fingers between both hands, "Don't know where you are Clive, Robbie... Clive. But wherever it is, come home?


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