Jul. 5th, 2006

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Int. - ICU coma ward - day
SFX: machines beeping, cart rolling past in the hall, birdsong outside, people talking quietly, TV on at a low volume.

Try singing again? The doctor said his brain activity jumped last time.

One more time couldn’t hurt I guess. [sings ‘I sing for you’]

Scene gradually lightens, as of someone slowly waking


GYPSY [overlapping Lois]
LOIS [overlapping Gypsy]
You’re awake!
How do you feel?
Can you talk? Do you need some water?
GYPSY [laughing]
Can’t tell us how you are if we don’t let you get a word in edgewise can you?

Int. – Clive’s basement room – night, lit by lamps and Christmas lights strung around the ceiling

Slow pan of the room, CDs, half-finished sewing projects, notebooks, fairly typical teenage jumble of objects

Lois tells me that I didn’t snap awake like people in the movies do, I just opened my eyes and asked what day it was.
It’s only been a week since the crash, Gypsy says she’s paying to have the Trans re-fitted as a convertible, since it was only the roof and the one door that got mangled. Everyone says I'm lucky to be alive even, and moreso with minimal injuries, even the concussion will be alright now that I'm awake.
I still can’t get over the fact that it’s only been a week.
Even so, Gypsy’s already got a steady job at Mother, she’s found an apartment and she’s just waiting for her bank account to transfer over so she can pay the deposit and everything,
I haven’t watched any of my footage yet, kind of afraid to really, in case it’s all blank or something.
Everything’s still in the notebook though, all the measurements and contact information and lyrics. Gypsy likes the lyrics and says the guitar tabs are genius. I don’t think she believes that it wasn’t me, but she’s not going to say so.
I guess, maybe what I'm really afraid of is that the tape’s NOT blank, because all the writing and everything could always be the effects of too much alcohol, or drugs, or something. But the camera never lies.


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